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Please read the instructions carefully

  • Booking an appointment with BLS is for free;
  • Applicants do not need to go through agents; and
  • Applicants should pay fees to your authorized personnel stationed at the BLS Office only.

Before you proceed to book an appointment at the Passport Application Renewal Centre (PaRC) please note that the PaRC will accept only those e-Passport renewal applications that do not entail an amendment in the biographical details of the applicant's passport record. This will help you to save your time by submitting the application at the correct office and leave the appointment slots for others who meets these criteria.

There is a convenience fee applicable at the PaRC, to know more about this please click here.

For new passport applications, applications for replacement of lost/damaged passports, (Complex Applications), and applications that would involve any change in the personal details appearing on the applicant’s old passport biographical page will be processed by Embassy of The Philippines. For such cases please refer to the Embassy website to book an appointment.

Please note that the following applications can be processed only by the Embassy:

  • New passport applications;
  • Lost passport applications;
  • Mutilated passport applications;
  • Applications for renewal of green and maroon passports; and
  • Passport applications that would require any change in the biographical details of the applicant, e.g., change of applicant’s name from maiden name to married name.

You should proceed to schedule an appointment at the PaRC only if your requirement meets the above purpose.

(Sample of e-Passport)

Booking a prior appointment is preferred for the renewal of your passport. This is keeping in mind that we maintain proper social distancing to ensure the safety of all customers and to cater to the high demand of renewals. And to ensure availability of time slots, customers are requested to book their appointments well in advance. Please make note of the guidelines mentioned below:

Important guidelines:

  • An email confirmation will then be sent to you about your appointment date and time.
  • Please carry your appointment email confirmation with you at the scheduled date and time to the BLS passport renewal Centre to show it to staff attendant/Security guard.
  • You are requested to complete your application form with all the supporting documents required for your passport renewal before you appear for your scheduled appointment.
  • Please make sure you arrive at the passport renewal centre 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.
  • Please note that only Applicants will be allowed to the BLS passport renewal centre.
  • Only One appointment can be booked per passport.

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